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directConnect - Node

Permissioned-Public Network
⦃param⦄ blockchain node consists of three components:
  • Blockchain node
  • Enterprise Edition Lite
  • Enterprise Edition Full

Blockchain Node

⦃param⦄ is a modified Quorum blockchain, the node runs the following services:
  • Ethereum
  • Quorum (Tessara)
  • ⦃param⦄ protocol related smart-contracts
  • IPFS for ledger extension
  • Spam control modules
  • SD-WAN Edge (FlexiWAN / VeloCloud compatible)

Enterprise Edition Lite (EE Lite)

EE Lite hides the blockchain related overheads from the application layer. The core functionalities include:
  • Web3 Transaction Queue Manager
  • Off-Chain DB for faster indexing and querying the chain (MySQL)
  • GraphQL API layer for Thin Client interface

Enterprise Edition Full (EE Full)

EE Full enables seamless integration into enterprise (ERP) environment. The core functionalities include:
  • Keystore management
  • Single Sign On (SSO) / Active Directory (AD) integration
  • NoSQL DB for Decrypted Data storage (MongoDB)
  • Graph DB for building knowledge graph (JanusGraphDB)
  • High abstract GraphQL for application development and integration