directConnect - Node
Permissioned-Public Network
⦃param⦄ blockchain node consists of three components:
    Blockchain node
    Enterprise Edition Lite
    Enterprise Edition Full

Blockchain Node

⦃param⦄ is a modified Quorum blockchain, the node runs the following services:
    Quorum (Tessara)
    ⦃param⦄ protocol related smart-contracts
    IPFS for ledger extension
    Spam control modules
    SD-WAN Edge (FlexiWAN / VeloCloud compatible)

Enterprise Edition Lite (EE Lite)

EE Lite hides the blockchain related overheads from the application layer. The core functionalities include:
    Web3 Transaction Queue Manager
    Off-Chain DB for faster indexing and querying the chain (MySQL)
    GraphQL API layer for Thin Client interface

Enterprise Edition Full (EE Full)

EE Full enables seamless integration into enterprise (ERP) environment. The core functionalities include:
    Keystore management
    Single Sign On (SSO) / Active Directory (AD) integration
    NoSQL DB for Decrypted Data storage (MongoDB)
    Graph DB for building knowledge graph (JanusGraphDB)
    High abstract GraphQL for application development and integration
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